This year, we celebrate Cole and Company being in business for 20 years.

Eric Cole

We've been very fortunate for many reasons, but the one thing above all that has helped us is that we have always believed in what we are doing; and that what we are doing matters.

There’s a quote on our website by Henry Ford, who said:

"Whether you believe you can or believe you can't. Either way you are right."

And a good friend Brian Martin who is now down in NZ, often said:

"Where the mind goes energy flows."

Both are interesting ways of saying that what you think determines your reality.

We have always believed in this business, and that’s a big reason why we are here tonight celebrating 20 years of being in business.

It is important to start there because without believing you can do it, nothing happens.

Success is not guaranteed by believing you can. But failure is guaranteed if you believe you can’t.

There are a few other important principles that have helped us get where we are.

  • Kindness: It’s so important to be kind, it’s free, and it doesn’t take any extra time. And it pays well! Unkind people generally don’t do well in business. Or they shouldn’t.

  • Respect: Being respectful of everyone, regardless of their rank or status is very important to me. Everyone is NOT the same, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t treat everyone with a fundamental level of respect. To be respected, one must first be respectful.

  • Results: We believe in results. One key mantra we say often is: “Do what you say you will do.” Everyone we interact with will ultimately judge us by the results we bring them. We’re proud of our record of delivering results.

Other things that are instrumental to our success are:

  • We are discreet: A key part of our business is being discreet. Our business, by its nature, is confidential. While it is sometimes tempting to speak publicly about our successes – on social media or elsewhere – we believe strongly that it is not in the interests of the people involved. Our clients and candidates trust us to be discreet, and we are.

  • We are pragmatic: Circumstances alter cases. What worked for one case may not work for another. Every assignment is unique, and our approach is dictated by evolving needs.

Indebted and grateful to have such a wonderful team of true professionals:

Marc Biehn, Thierry Branger, Chris Bracey, Cholsu Lee, Tim Teves, Michael Deluca, Sadman Rahman, and Nick Borg.

A greater team I cannot imagine. Thank you so much for your support, collaboration, sense of humor, and high professional standards. I am humbled by your support and dedication to Cole and Company.

Eric Cole